Luke Turner

Welcome to my homepage. I'm a 23y.o. software developer with focuses on full-stack Web development, Web service infrastructure, C#, AI, Python, and whatever else I find exciting. Currently: Clojurescript, Nim.

You might ask, why bother to have a homepage in the era of LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium, and Twitter? For me, homepages are a reminder of what the Web was first meant to be. A blank slate for expressing yourself. An emphasis on content over form. A network of links that let you dig deeper into interesting topics. Pages emphasizing ideas, individualism, creations, and projects — not firehose news feeds or auto-tagged vacation photos.

I graduated Gonzaga University in 2013 (at the tender age of 20) with honors and a B.S. in Math and Computer Science.

I'm currently employed at Epic, where I work on the enterprise SOA platform that drives many of our applications. My job mostly focuses on a wide range of C# development, including the WCF and ASP.NET networking stacks, MVC and Web API frameworks, and custom enterprise networking framework development. This can be pretty interesting, but I'm not supposed to talk about it much. That's why this page is devoted to my non-work-related projects.

If you want to read more, you can check out my blog, or visit my profile on Github.

Side Projects

Minimal yet feature-rich Sudoku game for desktop and mobile. Includes puzzle solving and on-the-fly puzzle generation. Built using starter-kit.
Scaffold for getting up and running quickly with client-side Javascript development. Includes build tooling with webpack, and scaffolded Flux-inspired hackable webapp architecture code in CoffeeScript.
Tiny, multithreaded, rule-based mirroring script (for bulk downloads or hypermedia traversal). Contained in a single .py file.
Context Commandersource
Web app for adding Windows Explorer context menu entries without downloading any software. Built with React and Node/Koa.
A psychomotor vigilance testing application. Runs fully client-side using in-browser data stores. Built with Angular.

IPython Notebooks

n-gram tutorialsource
Tutorial on writing an n-gram model in Python.